Randolph Modern Design Build

Like many couples we found ourselves in 2008 living in an empty nest! We decided to size down and move into the urban area. We treated this project, our personal home, no different than we would a client's home. With our magizine pictures and Houzz ideabook, we set out to make it happen! The design process was somewhat challenging with a sloping lot and Deep Fork Creek on two sides of the property, but the creative effort was worth it! With light filled, open floor plan, sleek materials and emphasis on indoor outdoor living the mid-century inspired modern home was perfect for our family.The 2,100 square foot home was an easy entertaining space, yet did not feel empty when it was the two of us! Mission accomplished!


New Construction OKC

The Story...


Trish Randolph first laid eyes on her husband Gary 33 years ago, in Weatherford, America. She was working as a clerk in a clothing store, and he was in the early stages of his construction career, remodeling a section of the store.  She’s from Hammon, and he hails from Boise City.

“On our first date, we came to Oklahoma City and went to the White House restaurant, on Grand,” Gary remembers. Trish is all smiles as the pair reminisces about their courtship. “I sure thought he was cute,” she adds. A year later they were married, blending their families, and after a couple more years they moved to Edmond. Today, they have four children and 10 grandchildren. Almost. The tenth is due in October.

Gary is a master builder, having plied his trade for 44 years, and his successful company bears his name. “Master builders have been around for 5,000 years,” Gary says. “I see the house long before it’s built.” Being a master builder means you take a project from design to completion. You don’t hand a project off to someone else, so there’s no room for misinterpretation of plans or the vision.

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