Work Zones replace the Triangle in Kitchen Renovations

The interior design and home improvement spaces are very dynamic. Trends ebb and tide, and there are several new products, materials, designing, and installation techniques that emerge. There have always been some time-tested design concepts that work beautifully in most homes.

The kitchen work triangle is one such design or layout concept that most interior designers, as well as homeowners, follow without giving it a second thought. In this design principle, the range, refrigerator, and sink are placed roughly in an equilateral layout.

The Change that Had to Take Place

It made design sense and worked well at a time when most people had closed-off, compact kitchen spaces. In most homes, only one person prepared and cooked meals, and the kitchen didn't serve any other purpose. But modern interior design trends are far removed from these traditional ones.

Today, kitchen spaces are used as a casual dining space as well. Open floor layouts have kitchens
out into dining or living rooms, and some homes have galley layout kitchen areas. The conventional triangle layout doesn't always work well in these types of spaces. Changes in interior design and living trends need to reflect in the way kitchen spaces are designed as well.

Custom Kitchen Design Solutions

Randolph Design + Build is a leading company in this industry. While we do work on some set techniques, design traditions, and time-tested design concepts, we are also trailblazers. We innovate and set trends ourselves and also learn from what is out there. Kitchen spaces have evolved in a big way in terms of function, and the features and appliances in them.

It's evident that we, as designers, also need to break free of traditional design concepts to accommodate these changes. We pay special attention to movement flow, comfort, and convenience. Our designers focus on the work zone layout for kitchens. Here are some concepts and ideas that work in this type of layout:

  • Group appliances according to their function. For example, arrange the sink, dishwasher, and trash in a line together. It allows for easy clean up after meals

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  • Create landing areas next to major appliances like wall ovens, microwaves, cooktops, and ranges. These surfaces are perfect to set things down quickly without having to walk across the kitchen to do it.


  • Opt for smart storage solutions and focus on convenience and practicality. This means having adequate storage for things that you need for specific tasks in each zone.

309 Kitchen 2.jpg

  • Install a coffee bar for guests


  • Include a portable cart.
  • Wider aisles for improved movement flow

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Depending on the size of your kitchen, consider creating a kids zone. This designated space can be used to eat snacks, do homework, etc.

Since there are so many aspects to keep in view, its best to work with skilled and experienced home improvement professionals like us.

If you want to know more about our kitchen remodeling services, don't hesitate to get in touch with Randolph Design + Build. You can use our contact us form or call 405 226 3560