The Latest Home Renovation Trends


Kitchens, as well as bathrooms, are the most used areas of the house. It's also why they are frequently one of the most impacted by changes in house styling trends. At Randolph Design + Build, we can help design your dream space with the latest and most stylish features using superior materials. We specialize in kitchen remodels OKC, custom construction, and all types of renovation jobs. Our team has vast experience and is here to offer straightforward suggestions on all aspects of the project.

The Most Recent Trends

For 2020, the most significant home renovation trends include a focus on minimalism, a reintroduction of patterns & shades, and the inclusion of smart house features. Stay in sync with the latest trends if you are planning on getting any renovation work done. Properly planned home improvement projects keep your home current while boosting its functionality. Here are some latest home renovation trends for this year:

Strong Countertop Choices

Quartz countertops are in this year. With durability, plentiful shade options as well as family-friendly function, quartz is a smart selection for kitchens and bathrooms. The trend for all-white bathrooms and kitchens is not as popular as it was. Choose quartz in shades that add depth as well as a modern feeling in your home remodeling project.

For high-end design, purchase marble countertops for both kitchens and bathrooms. The lavish look adds value to your home. Marble has an ageless style quotient, and you will not have to bother with it going out of style for decades.

Smart Home Technology Is In

Smart home technology solutions are not new trends, but they are increasing in popularity in 2020. Particularly for bathrooms and kitchens, smart home appliances and device trends offer better water-efficiency and energy-efficiency, which helps you save on your utility bills. Additionally, remote accessibility for devices, lights, and thermostats add convenience for busy homeowners.

For kitchens, smart appliances from brand names like GE, boost functionality. Functions like voice-activated ranges, alerts for maintenance as well as remote start functions for dishwashers add value and convenience to your house.

Invest in smart bathroom renovation projects with modern technology in taps, lights, and other fixtures.  Transform your bathroom with included functions & features that enhance usability while saving you money due to their energy-efficiency.  

The Brightest Colors

Color is back in house renovation concepts. While white was widely used for numerous years, it's not that popular anymore. Instead, opt for rich natural shades, refreshing grays, and elegant blacks to all-natural tones. These add depth and character to your home.

Color isn't merely for the wall surfaces. New trends include brightly-colored, upscale cooktops, stove hoods, closets, and ceramic tiles as well as combined metal features. If you aren't prepared for a complete home remodel, start with upgrading lights, taps, backsplashes, and other fixtures in vibrant choices.

Home Trends Colors

Stay In Sync With the Latest Trends

Create the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams in 2020 with all the latest luxury home trends. Concentrate on classic functions as well as high-end materials to extend the life of your renovated features.

At Randolph Design + Build, we offer both timeless elegance and modern flair in our vast selection of custom home design and build services. If you want to know more about home remodeling in OKC, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Randolph Design + Build. You can use our form or call 405.226.3560.