Five Easy Steps For Choosing Your Exterior Paint Palette

The paints you use for the interiors impact the overall look of your home. Similarly, the color palette you use for the exteriors affects the ambiance and curb value of your home. This aspect can make it a little challenging to determine which hues would be best suited for these spaces. Many other factors need to be taken into account as well. For instance, you need to consider things like the materials used in the hardscaping, roofing, landscaping, and more, while choosing wall paint for the exteriors. 

Some Tips 

Randolph Design + Build provides a wide range of home improvement solutions, including exterior painting and more. It is a good idea to work with a professional and get their input on design as well as the color theme. Here are some easy steps for choosing your exterior paint palette: 

1. Focus on features and installations that are not easy to alter 

It's less challenging to choose the right exterior colors when you are embarking on a complete renovation. However, if you are only getting a paint job done, you need to take extra care while selecting colors. The ones you choose need to sync with features such as the stonework, driveways, pathways, tiles, etc. 

2. Opt For Complementing Colors 

If your landscape has natural stone and wood in the exterior elements, earthy tones will complement these features thoroughly. Reds and grey tones look great together and are suitable for rustic-style structures. If your home has a more modern vibe, you can accentuate certain features such as the eaves, battens, or mortar with black and white. 

3. Keep Your Home's Architectural Style in View 

It's essential to choose historically correct colors, and many paint manufacturers now offer unique collections. Classic colors would look great on a Victorian-style home, while a modern color palette would complement modern architectural concepts better. If your neighborhood has specific codes when it comes to exterior home colors, you'd have to follow those, of course. If you aren't too sure about which colors would work best for your home, get some advice from a color consultant, such as Randolph Design + Build. 

4. Look at the bigger picture 

While planning the exterior colors for your home, take into account the elements from the street as well. The visual movement from the street to your home should be seamless. Depending on how big a yard you have and the number of trees in it, you can choose a color palette that either blends in or is contrasting. 

5. Choose Multiple Paint Shades 

It's also vital to plan the exterior color scheme correctly. There needs to be a dominant field color for all the exterior walls. Accent colors are used for features such as shutters, doors, and windows, and the trim colors to the pull the entire scheme together. 

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