Budget vs. What You Want

Having complete control over a property's design process isn't always pleasing. Homeowners often struggle to find a balance between what they want and what fits their budget. People underestimate construction costs, which is why many are surprised by the final estimate. You can strike the right balance between expenses and desire if you plan carefully.

Rough Price – Your First Stumbling Block

Many owners have a perfect vision of their new home in mind. They take inspiration from websites like HGTV, design magazines, or even pictures of celebrity homes. Architects carefully create a blueprint of this vision, which includes all client-requested features regardless of their price. It’s the construction contractors who offer a reality check with a rough cost estimate that can easily be $100,000-$200,000 over budget.  
Builders are more aware of the current market. They know how much it costs to hire a qualified electrician, get good quality roofing, install EnergyStar rated windows, etc. While estimates available online are an essential starting point, they aren't as accurate as a builder's rough price.

Plans.JPGFinding a Balance 

Don’t feel discouraged or settle for a pre-constructed building. People find a satisfactory balance between what they want and a fair budget every day. A design-build company will offer expert advice on all aspects of construction to help you through this process. Here are some tips:
List Important Features - Do you work from home and need a separate office space? Mark that as a necessity. Create a list of all essential things you can't live without so they can be included in the final draft.  
Eliminate Excess – Does a house need an outdoor kitchen? Is a third guest room necessary? Remove features you don't find crucial from the schematic plans as that will cut costs significantly.
Things You Can Add Later – While it is tempting to have everything in place before moving in, sometimes waiting makes more sense. For example, you can add a walk-in closet in a child’s room when she’s old enough to need it. Many homeowners add new features gradually until their home has everything they need.
Pre-Fabricated Over Custom – Pre-fabricated cabinets, shelves, and furniture pieces are always more affordable. Companies like IKEA offer a large variety of options, so it is easy to create something unique. There's no need to custom-build all cabinets, shelves, or storage spaces from scratch. You can also use semi-custom fixtures in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas to make them unique.
Homeowners can cut corners without compromising too much. You would need some assistance from qualified designers. They will explain where to scale back and where to splurge. Design-build companies will find good deals on raw materials and hire reliable sub-contractors for the project. It can also help keep project expenses within your budget.
You have more visibility while working with designers during the planning process. It is easier to make informed decisions based on facts and current market data. That's why hiring an excellent design-build establishment is always beneficial.