2020 Color Trends of the Year

Every New Year brings with it some unique home design and home improvement trends. Just as there are trending furniture styles and materials, many homeowners, as well as industry professionals, eagerly wait to see which colors are trending.

If you are planning on revamping the look of your home and starting on your home remodeling project, you may be interested in knowing what the trending colors of 2020 are. At Randolph Design + Build, we make it our business to stay ahead of all the latest changes in this space and help our clients get the kind of homes they would love to live in.

Here is some information on the colors and themes you can opt for while getting any interior remodeling or exterior home renovations done. All leading paint companies in the US take their shot at predictions about the hues they think will be trending in a particular year.

Colors You Might Consider During an OKC House Remodeling Project

There have been trends such as pops of color, metallic hues, and exotic jewel tones making it to the top of the list for the country's annual color. But 2020 seems a little more special because it's the start of a new decade. That also warrants a fresher outlook towards home remodeling concepts. Some of the most popular color trends of the year include:

  • Pantone Classic Blue - We live in a technology-driven, fast-paced world, and Classic Blue has made a grand entrance in it. This deep blue shade evokes a very calm and tranquil feeling like the twilight sky.
  • Etsy Chartreuse - This is an extraordinarily vibrant shade that is a mix of yellow and green. It stands out no matter where you use it and adds a lively touch to the space. The design world is seeing a comeback of neon colors this year.
  • Benjamin Moore First Light - This is an impactful yet subtle shade that looks like it was made for bedrooms and living rooms. You can use it to great effect with beiges and whites in various décor pieces.
  • Sherwin Williams Naval - This has always been an inspiring color and looks fantastic in indoor and outdoor spaces. Most people are now moving away from neutral tones and prefer something bolder. So accent walls in Navy Blue are perfect for bedrooms or lounge areas. If you are embarking on a kitchen remodeling and design project, you might want to consider getting custom cabinetry in this color.
  • Valspar Secret Moss - “Naturally therapeutic, this dusky moss green creates a calming escape in any room,” Valspar says in its press release. “Soft neutrals and minimalist décor allow this charming green to make a statement.” As pictured below, we were able to use Secret Moss for the Master Vanities in a Bathroom remodel in OKC.

Some other trending colors of 2020 that can be used during house remodeling projects, include hues borrowed from nature like beiges, secluded green, desert sand colors, and more.  

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